La Palma Volcano Eruption Destruction: Day 27 


Early this morning, another 4.5 magnitude earthquake shook the Spanish island of La Palma. And the top of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano blew off in a massive eruption. The volcano eruption is sending lava throughout the La Palma Valley.

 The sight of fiery landscapes can be seen from satellites in space. And the images show that the island has been cut in two by the event.

The volcano is now spewing fire and lava and spreading destruction throughout an even wider area. Officials are concerned that the lava is advancing towards larger towns that have been so-far safe from the molten mass. 

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Scientists are describing the gushing river of molten rock that is pouring out of the volcano as “a true lava tsunami.

Volcano eruption creates a crisis

For 27 days the volcano has been active. And red-hot lava masses are spilling out onto the island.  And it’s also pouring into the ocean forming a rugged coastline. The atmosphere has been so thick with ash that air traffic controllers have had to reroute planes landing at airports throughout the Canary Islands. 

Early this week a large cement plant was engulfed. And the economic impact is difficult to measure. Many jobs were lost along with the brick-and-mortar plant complex. Over 13,000 acres have been destroyed, so far.

La Palma is mostly agricultural. Although it has become more of a tourist stop in recent years. Those that have evacuated are uncertain what they will return to. The small farmers and large banana plantations are being destroyed.

Another 1,000 of La Palma’s 83,000 inhabitants are quickly being evacuated. More than 6,000 of the residents have already been forced to leave their homes. 

With the evacuation, some of the islanders were not able to take their pets. And two drone companies have been sending drones to drop off food to pets left behind. And, now trapped, by the flow of lava.

It’s been fifty years since the last volcano eruption. And records show that it was active for at least 21 days. In 2021, the people on La Palma are wondering if the volcano will ever get calm again.