Maxine Waters Links AG Jeff Sessions to Jim Crow Era


Jeff Sessions doesn’t care about justice or equality.

He is a throwback to the Jim Crow era and has no business leading the Department of Justice. Sessions lied under oath before the United States Senate, He has a history of making racially charged statements, and he has a poor record on civil rights,” declared Democrat Maxine Waters at Saturday’s Black Political Caucus, as reported by Breitbart News.

Jeff Sessions and Accusations of Racism

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is no stranger to controversy. Like many Democrats, Waters has repeated accused Sessions of racism. However, as the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Disagreeing with the Attorney General on policy is fine, but that does not make him a racist.

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The aforementioned remarks are not the first of Waters’ harsh words for Sessions. As reported by the Washington Post, a few weeks prior, she made the following statements about Sessions:

I think that Jeff Sessions is very dangerous … and I think that he absolutely believes that it’s his job to keep minorities in their place. And so I think we have to watch him, we have to keep an eye on him, and be prepared to push back.

Push back against what? Keep minorities in their place how? Who is the arbitrator of minorities’ “place.”

Furthermore, Maxine Waters would do well to substantiate her claims. If she truly believes the Attorney General is a racist, she needs supporting facts.

The Democrats Who Cried Wolf

Left wingers have officially played out the racism card. As a result of them branding everything and everyone they dislike as “racist,” the word no longer carries any weight, which is unfortunate.

Real racism and valid discrimination is always deserving of harsh condemnation and censure. However, in Democrats’ rabid attempts to shut down their critics, they have lost all credibility.

No Evidence Of Sessions Being Racist

Ironically, the people who spend the most time focusing on racism are usually racist themselves. The majority of people who believe Sessions to be a racist have made similar baseless remarks about President Trump.

While there is no evidence to tie Sessions to racism, there is evidence that could potentially distance him from racism. As noted by Conservative Post, Sessions was responsible for prosecuting the KKK during his time as a lawyer.  Would a racist prosecute the KKK? Maybe, but probably not.

Anyone who studies history is aware that the KKK and Jim Crow are tied to Democrats, not Republicans. Perhaps Maxine Waters should remember this and make sure she has evidence before calling people “throwbacks” to the Jim Crow era.