Michael Avenatti Will Not Run for Office in 2020 Election


Earlier this year, Avenatti also prompted controversy when he alleged that President Trump engaged in extramarital affairs outside of Stormy Daniels and former Playboy bunny Karen McDougal. In May, Avenatti maintained that he had “fully vetted” at least two other women. Moreover, the attorney asserted that Trump’s alleged, unknown mistresses also received payments mirroring the 130,000.

Avenatti’s war against the president has also prompted him to target Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney. Towards the end of May, Avenatti accused Cohen of intentionally leaking critical information to the media. This accusation followed Avenatti’s own release of Cohen’s emails and bank records via Twitter.

The 2020 Election

With Avenatti removing himself from the list of possibilities, the Democrat who will run for the White House currently remains unknown. However, many Americans on the left believe that beating President Trump in the 2020 election is absolutely paramount. Names like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and even Hillary Clinton have been listed as potential contenders.

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