Murder of Crows NFT Collection up for sale by YouTuber Crypto Crow 


YouTuber Crypto Crow is promoting his unique and diverse collection of 10,000 Murder of Crows NFTs. They are the keys to the Crows online community in the Metaverse. And are powered on the Cardano Blockchain.


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Jason Appleton became YouTuber Crypto Crow in 2017. He is a  7ft tall tattoo-covered giant of a man. His interesting background as a Pro/Am MMA Fight Promoter and the VP Of Sales for a National Mortgage Company attracted a large number of followers to his social media which is firmly focused on the Blockchain space.

Crypto Crow was one of the first YouTubers to explore content about Cardano when it was launched. Some of his fans became millionaires when they took his advice in 2018. And bought Cardano at .02 cents to watch it peak at $3.14 in 2022.

He is a popular mentor to millionaires in the crypto space. And has built a strong crypto community across multiple social media platforms.

Murder of Crows Community:




The Youtuber recently launched his own branded NFT Collection. MOC features multiple use cases programmatically generated with 90 diverse possible traits. This includes eyewear, feet, tails, and perches. And NFT sale milestones unlock project perks as shown on Crypto Crow’s project roadmap.

The artsy non-fungible token collection is created specifically for those that appreciate unique artwork. And serve as keys to the Murder of Crows mystical mythical, immersive Cornocopias metaverse.

Crows’ NFT collection consists of 10,000 pieces of digital art focusing on the Youtuber’s Telegram community. The NFTs also serve as keys to Crows Metaverse and his Social Media platform. And the NFT keys enable holders access to private areas within Crows’ Metaverse ventures.

The savvy blockchain educator will be the first users of his social media platform, due to launch later this month. NFT holders will be beta testers and be the first to establish group names and other benefits.

Crypto Crow is currently an Ambassador on Metaverse Cornucopias, where he bought Mythical and other lands for future project plans. Crypto Crow has also developed a new social media platform on the Cardano blockchain and other ventures.

The popular YouTuber has pledged to maintain and grow the community. And to explore new use cases and new ideas.