NASA confirms that exploding UFO in Texas was a meteorite 


“Although meteorites tend to hit Earth’s atmosphere at high speeds, they slow as they travel through the atmosphere, breaking into small fragments before hitting the ground. Meteorites cool rapidly and generally are not a risk to the public,” the report explained.

Reassuring Texans about UFOs

A meteorite strike usually happens a few times a year. 

This year a record number of meteors have already been detected. UFOs seem to be everywhere. 

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Sheriff Guerra pointed out that people are concerned after multiple objects over US airspace were shot down in recent days.

This month, 4 UFOs were shot down over the US and Canada. And only one of them has been identified. It is unprecedented in peaceful times for the US Air Force to have so much action over the Continental US.

US military fighter jets shot down a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon over the coast of South Carolina. And Americans were surprised that the balloon was tracked from Montana across the US to where it was downed.

Days later a high-flying object was shot out of the sky in Alaska airspace by a US F-22. And the next day an unidentified object was shot down over northern Canada.