NASA confirms that exploding UFO in Texas was a meteorite 


The US military shot down a fourth flying object over US airspace this month over Lake Huron Michigan. Similar to the last 2, it was described as an octagonal structure with strings about the size of a small car.  And no payload was ever recovered to make a better identification.

US Rep. Mónica de la Cruz, who represents the area said, “It can frighten our residents, and we want to make sure that we give as much information to our residents to help them feel safe and secure here in our local community.”

“Obviously with all these incidents close, you can imagine what our constituents’ and our citizens’ fears were,” Guerra added.

NWS uses Geostationary Lightning Mapper

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Brownsville, Texas, said a satellite system designed to measure lightning strikes detected the apparent meteorite. There were no storms in the area at the time.

The exploding UFO was tracked by multiple sources including the NWS Geostationary Lightning Mapper. This is a satellite-borne single channel, near-infrared optical detector.