NASA set to launch James Webb Space Telescope to photograph space 


In December, the huge James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to launch. It is all set to replace the glitching Hubble Space Telescope. NASA plans on sending out the biggest, most powerful telescope in existence. And it will take over the job of photographing the universe.

For 30 years the Hubble was sending a steady stream of views from space before it began to have serious technical problems. And for at least 20 years astronomers, scientists and engineers have been working on the James Webb Space Telescope. Named after a former NASA administrator the cutting edge scope will cost over 10 billion dollars. Its development has taken years longer and cost much more than ever anticipated.

The telescope’s main mirror is 21 feet across and covered in gold. It is much bigger than Hubble’s mirror. This enhancement should let the  Webb Scope collect more light for better contrast and distance viewing.

 The telescope is supposed to help our search for life on other planets. It will allow scientists to analyze the starlight that filters through the atmosphere of other planets.