Nearly 60% of Likely American Voters Disapprove of Biden


The numbers get even more staggering when tracking strong disapproval for Biden vs. strong approval. 50% confirmed their strong disapproval of Biden; yet, just 17% stated they strongly approve of how the president is carrying out his job.

The worst is yet to come?

Recently, Biden went on The Jimmy Kimmel Show in order to salvage his dismal approval ratings. However, the president repeatedly rejects the very policy changes that would improve both his poll numbers and the lives of everyday Americans.

Owing to this reality, Biden’s poll numbers remain highly likely to continue sinking. After all, the United States appears on the brink of an economic recession.

Meanwhile, crime is on the rise. Just a few days ago, the Austin Police Department warned of “jugging” robberies happening when people leave ATMs and are ambushed for their cash.

This is occurring in Austin, Texas and many other cities across the country.

Biden’s poll numbers and all the issues facing America on this watch are prime reasons why Democrats remain projected to face serious defeats in the November midterm elections.