New York Gov. Cuomo seeks to criminalize those skipping line for Covid-19 vaccine


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing for a law to criminalize the selling or administering of COVID-19 vaccine to individuals who are trying to skip the line.

In a press briefing on Monday,  Cuomo said any entity misrepresenting who they are or distributing COVID-19 vaccines to people not yet eligible to get the shot should lose their license and face criminal charges.

“This vaccine can be like gold to some people,” Cuomo said. “If there’s any fraud in the distribution — you’re letting people get ahead of other people, or friends or family, or they’re selling the vaccine — you’ll lose your license, but I do believe it should be criminal, and I’m going to propose a law to that effect.”

Cuomo plans to propose the bill when lawmakers convene for the 2021 legislative session on January 6.

The New York governor’s move comes after a New York-based health care provider reportedly fraudulently acquired Covid-19 vaccines. ParCare Community Health Network allegedly transferred and administered COVID-19 vaccines to members of the public — a clear violation of state guidelines.