Not Extinct! Golden Mole Identified using eDNA After 80 Years


Scientists in South Africa have defied the odds by rediscovering the De Winton’s golden mole, a species that had not been spotted for over 80 years. They were surprised that the fascinating sand-dweller was not extinct.

 The blind, burrowing mammal, known for its iridescent golden coat and unique sand-swimming abilities, was found alive on a beach in Port Nolloth on the west coast of South Africa. The rediscovery was made possible by innovative techniques and dedicated research scientists.

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Golden Mole Not Extinct

The De Winton’s golden mole (Cryptochloris wintoni) is a small, blind creature equipped with “super-hearing powers.” Living predominantly underground and navigating through sand using sound and vibration, this elusive species posed a significant challenge for researchers due to its secretive lifestyle.

The mole’s disappearance from scientific records since 1936 led to the assumption that it was extinct.