NYC Mayor de Blasio Urges State Senate to Preserve City’s Speed Camera Program


“The Senate has to come back and finish the job,” de Blasio said. “They have to come back and renew and expand the speed cameras so we can keep people safe.”

In addition, de Blasio emphasized that his administration will do everything in its power to protect New Yorkers.

However, he said, “We can’t do the same thing these cameras do in every place we need to be. We cannot replace the impact of 120 speed cameras with the resources that we have.”

Furthermore, he said it is necessary for New Yorkers to keep fighting for the city’s speed camera program.

“Even if we save just one life because of these speed cameras, it’s worth it,” de Blasio said.

Earlier this month, New York State Senator Marty Golden called on Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan to reconvene the Senate to vote on Senate Bill 6046-C.

The New York State Assembly already approved the bill, which will extend New York City’s speed camera program by 2022. The bill will also allow the city to double the number of its speed cameras.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo strongly supports the speed camera program. In a previous statement, he criticized the Republican lawmakers in the state Senate for “putting politics over the lives of children.”