Obama Urges 2020 Democrats to Tone it Down


Far-left 2020 Democrats continue to face censure; more often than not, that censure comes from the right-wing, although now elites on the left are also starting to speak out.

Earlier this month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned 2020 Democrats that they have to win the Electoral College in order to defeat President Trump. Pelosi furthermore declared that certain people in her own party take issue with her not being a socialist.

The latest Democrat elite to criticize the current field of 2020 leftists is former President Barack Obama. On Friday, Obama shared remarks at the Democracy Alliance and also cautioned the left about veering off into “crazy stuff.”

An Overview of Obama’s Message to 2020 Democrats

The statements of the 44th president are widely interpreted as veiled censure of candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Both Warren and Sanders are deeply progressive and very far left. Warren and Sanders are also supportive of programs which would completely alter the very fabric of America.