Online Shopping for the Holidays: 3 Tips to protect against online scammers


So, before you click on that holiday mug make sure you have the right tools and the tech information you need. 

3 Tips to Protect Against Online Scammers while Online Shopping

1. Create a unique username and password for every account. 

Keeping your personal information safe and secure is the right way to start. 

Online retailers enable you to set up an account on their website. This allows them to store your personal information and your credit card number in their system. 

Users can also log in to track the status of their orders and view their order history. It simplifies the process and makes reordering items easy. 

Keep in mind that every account you set up needs a unique username and password. 

If you have multiple accounts with various online retailers, and you use the same username/password each time you are at risk. If a hacker gains access to the retail site and gets your login info they have access to every account, you use.

You may even want to use a password manager like LastPass Premium or RoboForm. A password manager helps you generate random passwords for all your online accounts. Once the passwords are created, the software simplifies online shopping. It even automatically fills in those passwords for you.