Online Shopping for the Holidays: 3 Tips to protect against online scammers


Create and use unique login and passwords. And don’t store them on your computer!  Write your login/passwords down in a safe place or use a password manager program.”

2. Do Online Shopping from secure URLs. 

Look before you click! 

Hackers use a variety of phishing scams to create fake emails and websites to attract consumers. And steal their information. They can clone a retailer’s website seamlessly. And the user, soon to be the consumer, has no idea. And find out too late.

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For example, if an email hits your inbox that looks like it’s from a popular online retailer offering 50% off don’t click it. Don’t click on any image or link from an email. 

Any secure website is encrypted. And allows you to complete a purchase and enter your personal and credit card information without being hacked.

There are a lot of clone sites out there. It’s always it’s best to go directly to your web browser and type in the URL. This guarantees you are visiting a secure site.

A URL should begin with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” to ensure it is safe.

3. Monitor your credit cards/bank accounts

Statistics show that one U.S. citizen is a victim of identity theft every three seconds.