Opinion: Media lies about Hunter Biden’s laptop and will lie about $2 million Libya deal


Last year, just weeks before the election the New York Post published copies of a different set of “smoking gun” emails.  The emails revealed that candidate Joe Biden had been compromised by his son Hunter’s business ties to Burisma Holdings in Ukraine. There are also emails with wealthy Russians and government-connected Chinese companies where Hunter is promising access to his father for cash.

 Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald says the media has been lying to the American public about the Biden family business.

The Biden family has become enriched especially where his son and brother are concerned about selling access to Joe. This influence-peddling scheme seems to be a decades-old open secret in D.C.

When the laptop story hit Twitter it was quickly removed along with any possible links. Facebook banned and suppressed the story. Twitter shut it down, as well. 

Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign dismissed the October laptop story as part of a Russian disinformation operation. Hundreds of ex-intelligence officials still signed a document claiming this was somehow Russian “disinformation”.