OPINION: Trump should change things up ahead of the second debate


When the topic of law and order came to the fore, Trump blasted Biden for his lukewarm support of law enforcement, saying, “He has no law enforcement support,” which Biden vehemently denied.

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Trump’s response was a shining moment in the debate, “If you look at Chicago where 53 people were shot and eight people died…it’s crazy what’s going on. He [Biden] doesn’t want to say law and order because he will lose his radical left supporters and once he does that it’s over with.”

Moments like these were few and far between during the debate. Arguably, Trump’s greatest advantage was to let Biden talk. As Biden has shown over the course of the campaign, letting him speak on issues often leads to memorable gaffes, factual errors, and an overall lack of substance.

This occurred again later on in the debate over the question of climate change and green energy. As Biden began to pitch his energy plan it became immediately apparent he was talking about the Green New Deal, a plan with a price tag of $100 trillion. Matthews and Trump pressed Biden on this, causing the former VP to stumble, saying he supports the Green New Deal and then 30 seconds later denying what he just said.