OPINION: Yes, the Economy Matters in the Fight Against Coronavirus!


As America grapples with the fight against COVID-19, there are some differences in the outlooks regarding the health of humans and the economy.

Unfortunately, far too many people view these entities as separate from one another; in actuality, they couldn’t be more connected. Then, there are others who maintain that the economy should take a backseat while our country works to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Make no mistake, we must take on, stop, and defeat COVID-19; however, we cannot destroy our economy in the process of doing so. In the wake of mass shutdowns across different cities and states in America, people’s businesses, jobs, and livelihoods are taking some considerable body blows.

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This cannot continue. As our nation works against coronavirus, we mustn’t tear apart the ability to sustain ourselves in the process. As President Trump eloquently stated earlier this week, the cure cannot be worse than the problem!

Why Does the Economy Matter in the Fight Against COVID-19?

Our nation’s economy matters and will always matter, with or without COVID-19, because it impacts the health of the people. A thriving economy in the United States means several things; it means that businesses are doing well for themselves, employees are comfortable in their levels of job security, and employment prospects are promising.

Proponents of mass shutdowns lasting for weeks and months fail to understand the counteraction of this measure against coronavirus.

How are Americans supposed to support themselves if government mandates block them from opening the doors to their businesses? How are employees supposed to feed their families if they can’t go into work because the government deemed their job as “non-essential?” Each person’s job is essential when it puts food on the table and enables them to pay bills.

As we take on coronavirus, we must remember that the health of humans is not apart from economic health. A healthy economy allows people to keep a roof over their heads, pay rent, and look out for their children. This, in turn, fosters the health and wellness of American workers and families.

Ignoring the role of the economy in the fight against COVID-19 is a mistake that will cost America later if we follow those who blindly scream, “shut it all down!”