Parler jumped to first on Apple store, before it got banned by tech giants

Parler app
Parler app

Following Twitter’s decision to permanently ban of President Donald Trump on Friday, major tech companies did a similar move. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Shopify, TikTok and many others prohibited the 45th U.S. president from using their platform

However, the social network Parler went against the wave and welcomed Trump and his followers on their Twitter look-alike app.

Consequently, Parler surged to become the number one app on Apple’s App Store. The app  only had 55,000 users before before major social media companies’ imposed strict enforcement against inciting violence on their platforms.

Parler experience a significant surge in users

Trump and his supporters decided to turn their backs on Twitter and other social media and join the app on Friday. Parler received over 200,000 new users since Trump joined, jumping 355% in a short period.

According to analytics website Sensor Tower. “In the U.S., the app saw approximately 182,000 first-time downloads on 1/8, up 355% from about 40,000 installs on 1/7. Since Wednesday, the app has seen approximately 268,000 installs from across U.S. app stores.”

Tech giants requires Parler to address the proliferation of violent content

Apple removed Parler from its App Store citing the reason that the app failed to address the proliferation of threats of violence.