Paul Ryan Shares His Thoughts On Democratic Victories


Earlier today, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan shared his thoughts on last night’s Democratic victories, as reported by CNN.

Thoughts from Speaker Ryan

It doesn’t change my reading of the current moment. It just emphasizes my reading of the current moment. We have a promise to keep,” Ryan explained, referring to tax reform. “If anything, this just puts more pressure on us to follow through.

Ryan also noted that the aforementioned tax reform plan will save the average family thousands of dollars annually. Furthermore, Republicans believe the reform will help families who are living paycheck to paycheck and boost the economy.

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Further Details on Democratic Victories

As of last night, Democrats Ralph Northam and Phil Murphy won the races for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey. Bill de Blasio also won the New York Mayoral election.

Many liberals have cheered over the aforementioned victories, asserting that Republicans should be concerned. Other left wingers view the Democratic victories as another part of ‘The Resistance.’

Last night, President Trump weighed in with his own thoughts regarding Northam’s victory:

Many conservatives have vocalized opinions and beliefs which are similar to President Trump’s. Various speculations and thoughts about what comes next for Democrats and Republicans has made the rounds on social media.