Poll: 63% of Americans Worry About Public Safety Amid Anti-Police Rhetoric


Anti-police rhetoric is sadly on the rise in the United States. Democrats continue to fan the flames by portraying law enforcement officers as inherently racist. The White House has openly alleged that police officers disproportionately employ higher levels of force against black and brown Americans.

Just earlier this month, a sitting member of Congress urged for the dismantling of law enforcement in America. Rep. Rashida Tlaib later doubled down on this talk while doing a Monday interview with SiriusXM.

Many conservatives are pointing out the important ways in which police officers contribute to public safety. Now, amid the surge of anti-police rhetoric, new polling shows that most Americans are concerned about this type of talk adversely impacting public safety in the nation.

A threat to public safety in America

Without police officers, America would quickly regress into Mad Max and Gotham City. Earlier today, a Rasmussen Reports poll shed insight into where most Americans stand on police and keeping the nation safe.