President Trump Alleges Existence of Clinton Spy Within His 2016 Campaign


On Tuesday, President Trump took to Twitter, alleging the assertion of a Clinton spy within his campaign during the 2016 election, according to The Hill.

An Overview of the President’s Concerns

Despite the conclusion of the 2016 election, talk regarding the historic occurrence is far from over. Shortly after Hillary Clinton’s loss, she wrote an election-based memoir entitled ‘What Happened.’ Clinton has also repeatedly spoken out and done interviews where she faulted various individuals and entities for her defeat. Republicans and Democrats alike moreover criticized Clinton for her ceaseless commentary.

However, Hillary Clinton is not the only one sharing her viewpoints about the most recent Presidental election. Over the past few months, GOP concerns about the FBI intentionally framing President Trump have come forth. Furthermore, many conservatives believe the ongoing Russia probe is another attempt to target the President.

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However, on Tuesday night, the Commander-in-Chief went online and shared the following tweets about an alleged “spy” placed within his campaign:

The foregoing tweets come after conservative speculation that the FBI “set up” then-candidate Trump’s campaign by inserting a plant.

What Do Americans Think Regarding the President’s Concerns?

Each individual harbors their own opinions and speculations regarding President Trump’s latest tweets. However, conservatives and other backers of the Commander-in-Chief overwhelmingly believe his assertions, unlike most left-leaning Americans. Many liberals have criticized Republicans for the latter’s theories regarding the FBI conspiring to frame the President.

Trump critics furthermore noted the President’s declared allegiance to members of law enforcement, contrasted with his assertions regarding the FBI. However, right-leaning Americans pushed back, stating that the people whom they believe are working to frame President Trump are part of a corrupt “swamp.”

Citizens on both sides of the aisle remain convinced of their correctness, whilst maintaining that the opposition’s beliefs are erroneous.

Nevertheless, readers of The Hill weighed in with their own various opinions:

Yes… the FBI was obviously in Clinton’s corner. That’s why they announced she was back under investigation, but ‘forgot’ to mention that Trump was, too.”

Trump told us he was wiretapped a year before the Washington Post, and he was right……Democrats are swine.

And yet the IG report says that it was the FBI who helped Trump win.

Jim Samuel

Alleges you are Way behind the News check Hannity on Fox

Marshall Ryder Neal

Alleges? Its been proven AND admitted to...