Project Manager Norm Keating to file lawsuit against former clients for false allegations


In truth, each of these plaintiffs were aware of Norm’s background well before work began. Initial payments received were for the purchase of materials, custom-ordered windows and/or doors, demolition fees and dump fees. Final payment for completed work was never received, which includes the project manager’s compensation.

Allegation: Norm Keating left the houses of his clients in shambles.

Defense: The project was going as scheduled, but poor weather stopped work from progressing quickly in the case of two of the projects. Keating and both of his clients came to a written agreement not to do anything “heroic,” but to wait until the end of April, weather permitting, to ensure the integrity of the work. That’s when one of the neighbors approached both clients to reveal Keating’s past.

However, as of January 16, 2019, for one project, and March 3, 2019, for the other, Keating’s clients no longer allowed access to their properties. Eventually, Keating was outright told that he was no longer working on the project. As such, the state of the unfinished projects was left as is.