Project Manager Norm Keating to file lawsuit against former clients for false allegations


Allegation: Norm Keating represented himself as a general contractor.

Defense: Each client read, initialed and signed a fully executed agreement that boldly and clearly states that Keating was not, in fact, a contractor, but a project manager and their employee.

Allegation: During a newscast, it was made as a statement of fact that Keating has been convicted of crimes related to remodeling homes and taking money from clients and not finishing projects in other states.

Defense: In fact, this is 100% false. Keating has never been arrested, put on trial or convicted of any such crimes.

Allegation: Multimedia reporter Rebecca Atkins of KRQE stated neither Siobhan Keating nor Melanie Peak is a licensed realtor in the state of New Mexico. (take out the s on realtor)

Defense: Both women are fully licensed realtors in New Mexico.

The fight continues

As of the time of this report, the cases are currently ongoing. Keating has made it clear that he won’t take these allegations against himself and his family lying down and vows to continue the battle in court by filing a lawsuit of his own against his accusers.