Project Star Gate: Inside the World of CIA Psychic Warriors


 Remote viewing emerged as the cornerstone of psychic reconnaissance. It enabled operatives to see events in distant lands and look into sealed envelopes with what has been called “uncanny precision.”

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 Early experiments, including psychic message transmission and binary code replication, provided compelling evidence of its potential in intelligence gathering.

The psychic warriors were used in real operations. By 1983, the CIA had already conducted 700 missions involving psychics. According to the filed reports, their information was accurate 85 percent of the time. 

That made the psychics just as accurate, as every other information-gathering technique that the CIA had at its disposal, at the time.

Finding the Missing

Law enforcement agencies sought assistance from psychics in solving complex criminal cases. 

Studies funded by the CIA corroborated the efficacy of psychics in providing pivotal information, including the location of missing persons and unidentified remains.

Despite the apparent ambiguity of psychic visions, the integration of these insights into investigative protocols yielded tangible results, prompting the development of guidelines for law enforcement engagement.