Project Star Gate: Inside the World of CIA Psychic Warriors


During an international crisis, psychic warriors were often called upon.

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 During the Iran hostage crisis in 1979 and the abduction of Colonel William R. Higgins in Lebanon in 1988 the psychics were called in. 

Through remote viewing sessions intelligence operatives claim they received crucial insights into the captives’ whereabouts and captors’ activities. 

While not always resulting in successful interventions, these instances showed the potential for psychic reconnaissance in mitigating security threats.

Seeing the Future

Psychic warriors reportedly possessed the ability to foresee future events—a capability leveraged in military planning and strategic forecasting. 

Classified experiments, including those conducted during Operation Desert Storm, yielded insights into impending developments, from military incursions to meteorological phenomena.

Psychic warfare extended beyond American borders, with Russia and China cultivating their own unique psychic operatives. 

The Soviet Union’s early forays into psychic experimentation prompted the CIA’s interest. President Jimmy Carter ordered the investigation that would become Project Star Gate.