Ransomware Task Force Urges White House to Action 


The Ransomware Task Force issued a report on Friday. The group is made up of 60 experts from industry, government, nonprofits, and education.  U.S. policymakers and global allies are urged to take action to deal with the current crisis of ransomware cyberattacks.  

These attacks continue to disrupt critical services like hospitals, local governments, and the worldwide private sector. The hack-attackers seize computer networks and steal data in exchange for huge ransoms. 

The increasing number of ransomware attacks led to the formation of the nonprofit Institute for Security and Technology in January.

The first CEO and Ransomware Task Force co-chair Philip Reiner points out that, “I think that the realization of watching those who work on cybersecurity, watching folks really scrambling to collaboratively staunch the tide of these kinds of attacks — It struck us that there needed to be a coordinated, comprehensive approach taken to really get after this and that piecemeal efforts weren’t going to be sufficient.”