Cybersecurity: The future of cybercrime, what to expect in 2021


As we approach the year 2021, most of us aren’t too interested in looking back. As 2020 ends, very few are sorry to see it go. Surviving the techno-pandemic was good news for some and the world experienced remarkable technological advances. Cybercrime is growing and cybercriminals are getting bolder. The Darkside of technology may be starting to rear its ugly head. 

Cybercrime is “big business”

Cyberattacks have evolved over the years, and unfortunately, cybercrime is big business. Actually, cybercriminals’ ransomware is a multi-trillion-dollar global business. They have a business model that resembles a big business. And the cost to victims and companies is estimated to reach $6 trillion in 2021.  

 Like any big business, these “bad actors” are backed up by bankers, managers, CEO types, and often some really good hackers. In some cases, they work for governments, which gives them extra insulation from criminal prosecution.,

Digital currency is more commonly used than ever before and criminals will follow the money. Experts expect that in 2021, we will be fighting cybercrime in the crypto and bitcoin marketplace. Many cybercriminals are already demanding ransoms in bitcoin.