Cybersecurity: The future of cybercrime, what to expect in 2021


Anything with an internet connection is subject to be exploited. It’s a good idea to think defensively as we design connected cars and IoT devices.

These targets all need to be hardened. Ransomware hackers hit financial services companies, higher education, governmental offices, the energy sector, and now more than ever the medical space. 

Cybersecurity tools will improve greatly

Expect more internal attacks. One of the reasons that the recent Tesla attack was thwarted is that password-management tools and multi-factor authentication (MFA) were so effective there.

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In 2021, MFA  will help slow the rate of malware account-compromise attacks. All attacks can’t be prevented. However, there are deception technology tools used as early warnings at the onset of an attack. These tools can definitely mitigate the damage.

While 2021 will present its own challenges, it also offers new tools and technologies to wage a more effective defensive battle against cybercrime.