Republican Strategist Urges Other Republicans to Vote Against Themselves


GOP strategist Rick Wilson said members of his party should vote for some Democrats in the forthcoming midterm elections in an interview with The Hill on Friday.

An Overview of Wilson’s Statements

Wilson stated that some Democrats are more economically conservative than Republicans.

“I think conservatives have to make a case-by-base choice,” he said. “There are actually some Democratic candidates out there who functionally now are to the right on economics of their Republican counterpart. It’s astounding.”

The Republican strategist then provided additional details to support his initial assertions.

“There are certainly people out there on the Democratic side who are not running as ‘Bernie Bros’ or as ponytail Che Guevara,” Wilson said. “They are working pretty hard to represent their states and districts.”

Wilson wrapped up his interview by sharing his opinions on midterm strategies for Republican candidates.

“A Republican in Alabama has to run the exact way as a Republican in Virginia or Vermont or Montana or California,” Wilson said. “They all have to be Donald Trump.”

More on Party Politics and Midterm Elections

Wilson is not the only Republican who has urged people to vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterms.

David McClurg

This man is insane!

Leopoldo Afable

This man is out of this world, getlost brainless Democrat.

Chris Strickland

Dennis Maloney

I’ve already decided to vote Democratic in the upcoming elections, both 2018 and 2020. We, as real Republicans, must pull this country back more toward the middle. Our Republican Party, thanks to Donald Trump,is balancing on the precipice between Democracy and Fascism. All true Reds! Vote Blue !

Timothy V Redding Sr

He takes it,in the back side !!