Results Driven Securities and Exchange Commission Program and Whistleblower Awards


The Securities and Exchange Commission, through the program, incentivizes people to action by subscribing to a would be whistleblowers self-interest. Specifically, whistleblowers are eligible for remuneration only when they provide the SEC with reliable, timely, and new information that leads to a successful enforcement outcome. Whistleblower awards are especially lucrative when over $1 million, where the payout ranges from ten to thirty percent of the monetary sanctions.

Results Driven Program

The Securities and Exchange Commission presented its first enforcement award in 2012. Since then, the SEC whistleblower program has awarded more than $266 million to 55 individuals. Equally impressive, the SEC program has collected approximately $1.5 billion in monetary sanctions. The SEC program presents a win-win value proposition for the American people in that it deters financial crimes, is self funded, and is an integrity based program that relies in large part on the community. Not to mention, the program allocates and returns a portion of the monetary sanctions to harmed investors.