Roy Moore Bemoans “Depleted” Finances


Former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore recently posted on Facebook, appealing for financial support from his backers, reports Fox News.

Moore to His Supporters

On Thursday evening, Moore posted on Facebook, asking his supporters to help him fight against “vicious attacks.” He moreover affirmed his “trust” in God and thanked an individual named Steven for donating $84.00.

Notable excerpts from his post read as follows:

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I have struggled to make ends meet, but I have not lost my faith in our God[.]

Gays, lesbians, and transgenders have joined forces with those who believe in abortion, sodomy, and destruction of all that we hold dear. Unless we stand together we will lose our Country.

I will trust God that he will allow truth to prevail against the unholy forces of evil behind their attack.

His full post can be read here.

Reactions to Moore

Roy Moore’s controversy as a politician soared after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. Accusers alleged that Moore, in his thirties, molested them as teenagers. Although one accuser later admitted to doctoring critical evidence, the validity of other accusers remained under heavy speculation by Alabama voters and Americans, as a whole.

Moore’s refusal to concede the Alabama Senate race after being defeated by Democrat Doug Jones also attracted strong condemnation. Even President Trump, who once endorsed Moore, stated that the former candidate ought to concede. Months have passed and Moore has still chosen to abstain from delivering a concession speech.

Many Republicans, including John McCain and Richard Shelby, actively expressed opposition towards Roy Moore.

Reactions to Moore’ Facebook Post

The feedback to Moore’s Facebook post is considerably diverse. His supporters lauded him in the comments section, while critics blasted Moore and questioned his refusal to concede after losing to Jones.

Nevertheless, Fox News reports that Moore has thus far secured $32,000 out of his goal of $250,000.

Fox News readers also chimed in with their thoughts regarding Moore’s appeals for financial support:

Why does he not just give the Donald a call[?]

Only $32,000 raised towards a goal of $250,000? What has happened to his loyal fan base?

I’m a conservative. Very conservative when it comes to my money and what I spend it on.