Sanctuary City: Texas sends a 10th bus of migrants to Los Angeles 


Texas sent a 10th bus loaded with migrants to Los Angeles on Saturday. Despite the fact that LA is designated a Sanctuary City Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has been harshly criticizing Texas Governor Greg Abbott for sending migrants to LA.

Last week the 9th bus was sent as Tropical Storm Hillary was impacting the city the LA Mayor reacted.

“This evening, Los Angeles received another bus from Texas. That means that while we were urging Angelenos to stay safe, the Governor of Texas was sending a bus with families and toddlers straight towards us KNOWING they’d have to drive right into an unprecedented storm,” Bass tweeted on X. “Evil.”

According to news outlet FOX Los Angeles, the 10th bus had a total of 39 migrants, which included 12 families and 21 children.

The LA Mayor reacted to the news that a 10th bus was sent five days after the previous bus, according to the outlet. “LA has not extended an invitation asking for people to come. This is a political act.” Bass claimed on social media.