Scott Releases Generous Budget that Will Help Him Run in 2018


In the last months before 2018, Gov. Rick Scott has released what is being called the largest budget proposal in Florida’s history. The massive spending plan relies heavily on an additional $1 billion the state will receive for its ambitious plan to ensure schools, state workers and environmental programs all get a nice boost in funding.

Compared to this year’s budget, Scott’s proposal is a whopping $2.5 billion bigger and filled to the brim with generous spending measures for state programs. Other major changes include increased funding for hospitals, which he had once proposed to cut, and a $769 million increase in school funding.

But wait, what happened to the laser-eyed fiscal conservative who took the Sunshine State by storm during a deep economic recession?

Looking back at Gov. Scott’s first budget, which he proposed  in 2010 during his first run for Governor, the lean $65 billion budget cut spending across the board and gutted the state bureaucracy. Suddenly, the wealthy-businessman-turned-political-rookie caught the eyes of Republican primary voters statewide.