Second Trump vs. Biden Debate Canceled by Commission on Presidential Debates

Trump vs. Biden debate
First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The Trump vs. Biden debate continues to take the nation by storm.

Last month, President Donald Trump and former Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sparred in one of the most contentious and heated showdowns. Both candidates covered a series of issues from healthcare-particularly the coronavirus-to immigration, law enforcement, and more.

Trump and Biden were so far apart on every single issue, which ultimately led to both candidates clashing and sometimes speaking over each other.

The second presidential debate was set to take place on October 15. However, on Friday, the Commission on Presidential Debates officially canceled this second Trump vs. Biden debate.

Trump rejects a virtual debate format

The day after the vice-presidential debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates decided that the next event between Trump and Biden must be virtual. This, of course, did not go well with the president and his supporters.

Some Americans questioned the decision to change the jurisdictions at the last second, especially after the showdown between Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic rival Senator Kamala Harris. Conservatives, in particular, stated that a virtual format would allow Biden’s campaign staffers to assist him off-camera during the debate.