Secret Service Investigation of Cocaine Found at White House Ends after 11 Days


The Secret Service investigation into the drugs found in the West Wing of the White House has ended. The inquiry lasted just 11 days. And did not identify a single suspect.

 The agency says there was not enough physical evidence or video. 

Forensic testing conducted by the FBI on the bag containing the cocaine failed to yield fingerprints or sufficient DNA. 

As a result, the agency was unable to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the area where the cocaine was discovered. 

The executive mansion was briefly evacuated after initial tests confirmed the presence of cocaine, which was later confirmed by the FBI. 

This incident has raised concerns among Congressional Republicans, who demand answers regarding how an illegal drug found its way into one of the world’s most secure buildings.

Representative Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) expressed his dissatisfaction with the investigation, describing it as a “complete failure.” 

He criticized the notion that the culprit could be an unidentified weekend visitor, pointing out the extensive security measures in place at the White House, including facial identification and the requirement to provide a Social Security number for entry. 

Lawmakers Critical of Secret Service Investigation

Lawmakers are troubled by the fact that an illegal substance was brought into one of the most secure locations in the world without any immediate answers.