Senate Republicans Ready to Fight Bannon; Hope Trump Have Their Backs

Steve Bannon
Credits: Charlie Rose website (screenshot from video)

Senate Republicans are ready to fight Steve Bannon with full force in his effort to unseat the party’s incumbents.

They are also hoping that President Donald Trump will support them. However, they are not depending on it since the former White House strategist is a long-time friend of the President.

Republicans need to work hard and focus on home states

The leaders of the Republican Party are encouraging their fellow lawmakers to concentrate on their constituents and home states. It is the only way for them to win even if Trump abandons or attacks in the midterm elections.

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According to Senate GOP Whip John Cornyn, he cannot depend on anybody else to win an election. He needs to work hard. He considers any help as “gravy,” but he doesn’t depend on it. The senator made the comment based on his experience as a politician.

Bannon is targeting to unseat as many as six Senate GOP incumbents by supporting his chosen challengers. He already succeeded in Alabama where incumbent Sen. Luther Strange lost in the primary election against Roy Moore.

Bannon’s next target is Arizona GOP Sen. Jeff Flake

On Tuesday night, the former White House strategist endorsed Kelli Ward, who is challenging Sen. Jeff Flake in Arizona. Ward is a former State Senator.