The Southern Border Will Close if Democrats Do Not Provide Wall Funding


By contrast, Democrats have slammed the wall as wasteful and ineffective. Shortly after the government shutdown, leaders Schumer and Pelosi released a statement in which they condemned the president for the “Trump Shutdown.”

At this time, the shutdown will likely carry into 2019.

Where do the American People Stand?

Similarly to leaders in Washington, the American people are largely divided as it pertains to perceptions of the border wall. Conservatives and other members of the president’s base have rallied behind him for sticking firm to garnering funds for the wall.

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However, those who are not in Trump’s fan club remain steadfast in their criticism. Like their leaders, Democrats and other leftists maintain that Trump bears responsibility for the government shutdown; they have also denounced his wall as racist and unnecessary.

The Purpose of the Border Wall

In essence, the purpose of the border wall comes down to legal immigration. Many sources have documented the economic and legal plights associated with unlawful entry into the United States. The aforementioned documentation plays a huge role in conservatives’ insistence upon upholding the laws of the land. Many Americans on the right-wing have also claimed that Democrats have political reasons for taking very lax positions on illegal immigration.