Stormy Daniels Files Defamation Lawsuit Against President Trump


Avenatti, therefore, announced his client’s lawsuit against the President on Twitter yesterday. He alleges that President Trump’s tweet of the “non-existent man” inadvertently accuses Daniels of lying about the occurrence of the incident, which would be a crime in and of itself.

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The full and official complaint can be viewed here.

The Stormy Daniels Controversy

Within the past few months, Stormy Daniels and her alleged affair with President Trump have made headlines and trended on social media. The Commander-in-Chief moreover denies any and all assertions that he and Daniels ever had a relationship. However, the adult film actress continues to speak out, affirming that she wants the truth to be revealed. Prior to Daniels’ appearance on The View, she also did an interview with 60 Minutes in March.

President Trump has not publicly spoken out regarding Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against him. The adult film actress is also currently suing the President’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Shortly before the 2016 election. Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence regarding the alleged affair.