Summit of The Americas and Odebrecht Corruption Scandal


Unsurprisingly, the financial structure for the purchase of the condominium was created through a “shell company.” The corporate structure was utilized to facilitate anonymity.  In the instance of Salazar, the corporate structure names his wife and daughter as the owners of the condominium.

“These structures are very commonly set up to hide the assets using family members,” says Annette Escobar, a Miami attorney at the Sequor Law firm specializing in international financial fraud.


Furthermore, the transparency issue and lack thereof, infuriates corruption experts like Jose Miguel Cruz.

“Miami and South Florida are seen as this paradise for those [allegedly] corrupt officials and executives,” says Cruz, who is director of research at Florida International University’s Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC).

Corrupt Latin American Officials Enjoy Due Process in USA

Arguably more riveting than an “indie” (independent) film about a mob case with a mob family jury, the plot thickens. Meanwhile, Salazar (also a U.S. resident) is living in splendor and avoiding a Peruvian extradition order back to Peru.