Supply Chain Problems Will Continue Into 2022


Supply chain problems are the latest crisis to erupt with Joe Biden as president of the United States. Already, the American people are seeing the disastrous consequences of ongoing complications with the supply chain.

Right now, grocery stores are having issues with getting the necessary goods in stores. Prices across the board are also rising in order for these establishments to keep their shelves stocked. Therefore, customers are now paying for the difference via higher prices.

These higher prices come as the United States economy is already battling an inflation crisis. This week, America got more bad news; the supply chain problems currently gripping the nation are set to persist into 2022.

Supply chain problems in the foreseeable future

Over the weekend, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg discussed existing issues with the supply chain during a CNN interview. Buttigieg has also faced criticism for the supply chain crisis happening under his watch and during time he’s taken off work.