Texas Governor Gives Exclusive Interview to Fox News


The state of Texas has captured nationwide attention over the past several weeks. Governor Greg Abbott elected weeks ago to end his statewide mask mandate and also reopen businesses.

Leftists lost it. President Biden claimed that getting rid of the mask requirement and removing restrictions constituted so-called “Neanderthal thinking”; meanwhile, other Democrats claimed that reopening the Texas economy and removing the mask mandate would only cause more people to contract coronavirus and ultimately die.

As Americans now know, the doomsday predictions from the left did not pan out. As a matter of fact, Texas recently reached a milestone of zero deaths related to coronavirus; although, lockdown states like Oregon and California cannot say the same.

Earlier today, Governor Abbott of Texas gave an exclusive interview to Fox News.

Abbott’s latest interview with Fox News

On Sunday, the Texas governor spoke about the controversy surrounding his decision to reopen the state; he also made a point of noting that dystopian leftist predictions did not come to fruition.