Trump Dismisses Left-Wing Talks of Impeachment: “Not Worried!”


As Democrats continue their attempts to impeach President Trump, many Americans wonder how he feels about the renewed attempt. However, according to the president, he’s not worried at all.

Trump on the Possibility of Impeachment

During his time at the White House Easter Egg Roll, the president informed reporters that he has no worries whatsoever about impeachment.

In Trump’s own words:

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“Not even a little bit.”

Since the release of the controversial Mueller probe, Democrats have renewed their attempts to impeach President Trump from office. They’re also claiming that the president may have obstructed justice; Democrats furthermore maintain that investigating whether or not Trump obstructed justice during the Mueller probe is their responsibility.

Today’s White House Easter Egg Roll event is not the first time in which the president has acknowledged Democrats who want him out of office.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted about the matter.

Earlier this morning, the president noted that only certain offenses warrant impeachment, offenses which he has not committed:

Attacks on President Trump

Throughout the duration of the Mueller probe, various Americans speculated about whether or not attacks on Trump would subside in the event of no conviction. Despite the fact that Trump did not collude with the Russian government, the attacks on him have not ceased. As a matter of fact, they have mounted considerably.

Before, Democrats harbored a vested interest in seeing Trump be declared guilty. Since the Mueller probe is now over, the tide has changed. Democrats are now poking around and attempting to gain access to years of the president’s personal and business tax returns; they’ve even gone as far as to write letters to the IRS. Of course, this is on top of the moves to impeach Trump.

The Mueller Probe and the 2020 Election

The results of the Mueller probe are will inevitably impact the 2020 presidential election. It has confirmed the beliefs of many conservatives and Trump supporters. Since the inception of the investigation, the president maintained his position of innocence. Democrats, on the other hand, regularly stated that the probe ought to first conclude before Trump is assumed to have not colluded.

Despite the end of the investigation, certain Democrats seemingly refuse to accept the results. Will this hurt them in the 2020 election?

Time will tell.