Trump Dismisses Left-Wing Talks of Impeachment: “Not Worried!”


As Democrats continue their attempts to impeach President Trump, many Americans wonder how he feels about the renewed attempt. However, according to the president, he’s not worried at all.

Trump on the Possibility of Impeachment

During his time at the White House Easter Egg Roll, the president informed reporters that he has no worries whatsoever about impeachment.

In Trump’s own words:

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“Not even a little bit.”

Since the release of the controversial Mueller probe, Democrats have renewed their attempts to impeach President Trump from office. They’re also claiming that the president may have obstructed justice; Democrats furthermore maintain that investigating whether or not Trump obstructed justice during the Mueller probe is their responsibility.

Today’s White House Easter Egg Roll event is not the first time in which the president has acknowledged Democrats who want him out of office.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted about the matter.