Trump Interviewed by Newsmax for Memorial Day Weekend


Later, Trump also talked about the nightmare that Biden has turned the Southern border into. The former president stated that all Biden had to do was leave the border exactly how it was when Trump left office; however, the current president made it his first order of business to undo and rescind the policies of the Trump administration.

Saving the country from the Biden agenda

President Trump and others have made it very clear that with Biden at the helm, America is in trouble.

However, there are some key moves conservatives can make for the sake of protecting the country from the Biden agenda. First and foremost comes the leadership of Republican governors. Already, red states and GOP governors have started pushing back against the whims of this out-of-control president.

Next comes conservatives winning the 2022 midterms and regaining congressional power. The final blow to the Biden administration can then come in 2024 when Republicans make Biden a one-term president.