Trump on New York Times: “Enemy of the People!’


At this time, Trump stated that the media had a political vendetta against him; in layman’s terms, the then-future president and many of his supporters felt as though the press wanted Clinton to win and purposefully misrepresented Trump to throw the odds in Clinton’s favor.

Critics of the president have largely condemned his contentious relationship with the mainstream media. As alluded to by Sulzberger, some Americans believe that Trump’s media censure can incite others to do harm against members of the press. Others have stated that the president is trampling on fundamental, Constitutional rights such as freedom of the press.

Conservatives and Trump supporters, however, see matters very differently. Many Americans within the right-wing have stated that the press maintains an obligation to report fairly and without bias. Despite these assertions, the left-wing believes that the press does report fairly and in an unbiased manner.

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Finally, the president affirmed that he keeps the press “in business.”