Trump and Rubio Stand Up for Charlie Gard


Earlier this week, President Donald Trump and Senator Marco Rubio, as well as many other American politicians, denounced the UHS and offered their support for Charlie Gard and his family.  Charlie’s family has sued to force the UHS to let Charlie travel to the United States for an experimental treatment. The courts denied their request and the UHS plans to take Charlie off of life support.

Pope Francis has also sided with Charlie Gard and his family, while people throughout the world have donated 1.3 million pounds to the family’s gofundme account.  Yesterday, a New York Hospital offered to admit Charlie Gard if they could receive approval for an experimental treatment.

Some of the most powerful men in the world have taken up Charlie’s cause. Expense is no longer an obstacle. In light of this, the continued refusal of the UHS to allow Charlie to travel for treatment in the United States may seem perplexing.  However, Marco Rubio’s response sheds some light on the reason the UHS insists on Charlie’s death.

Implications for the United States

Marco Rubio called out advocates of a national healthcare system in the United States, asking them how they could support passing on critical decisions concerning who receives care to government bureaucrats.

By acting in this way, the UHS asserts that it knows what is best for Charlie, not his family.  The government claims the right to determine that he shall die.  The UHS can decide what lives are worth saving and what price is worth paying.  It does not matter that the generosity of outraged heroes across the globe has supplied the money for the procedure.  The state reserves the right to determine what care is best for each subject, regardless of their needs.

This is not the case in America.  A child who suffered from the same rare disease as Charlie Gard received the same experimental treatment and lived.  Despite the efforts of progressives here, Americans have rejected national healthcare. They have pushed back against increased government control of healthcare through Obamacare.

It is incredibly important that every American who stands up for Charlie also remembers that this can happen here.  We must use this example to show the world the shortcomings of national healthcare. We must repeal Obamacare as well, reversing that expansion of government control.  It is time to ask the Congressmen, Congresswomen, and Senators, nearly all of whom voted to repeal Obamacare many times when it was safe, to keep their promises.

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Posted ON : 07/08/2017