Trump says California’s incompetence to prevent wildfires is “hurting our country”


President Donald Trump once again condemned California and its leaders during a Cabinet meeting at the White House on Wednesday. He said the state’s “incompetence” in preventing wildfires is hurting the United States.

Trump said, “California is a mess” and noted that the federal government is “giving billions and billions of dollars for forest fires” in the state.

Additionally, the president stressed that California is leaving its forests “dirty,” which he believes are causing wildfires.

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“Old trees are sitting there, rotting and drying. And instead of cleaning it up, they don’t touch them, they leave them. We end up with these massive fires that we’re paying hundreds of billions of dollars for to fix, and the destruction is incredible,” said Trump.

Furthermore, Trump said California “get their act together” in cleaning up and managing its forests.

He reiterated, “It’s costing our country hundreds of billions of dollars because of incompetence in California. It’s hurting our budget, it’s hurting our country. And they just better get their act together.”