Trump Says Those Who Endorse Violence Are “Not Supporting Our Movement”


Throughout his tenure in office has been adamant that his party was the party of law and order. The violent outbreak at the Capitol on Jan. 6th was immediately condemned and POTUS requested swift action and justice for those involved.

Republicans and conservatives nationwide have been venting on social media that they have reached a boiling point due to the unending “RESIST” movements and “Donald Trump is Not My President” movements since inauguration day four years ago. During the hearings, several representatives reminded a very heated and passionate Democratic Caucus that seeking retribution and using impeachment as a punishment, after subjecting the public and President for the past four years, will only continue to rip the fabric of our nation further.

U.S. Representative Jeff Van Drew, (R-NJ) stated today, “We’ve been here before. We’ve done this before. This has failed before. We’ve fractured out nation using the same process before.”

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“Congress must be the glue that starts unifying everyone. By the time this process would conclude, the man you want out of office will no longer even be the president.”