GOP Lawmaker Quotes Pelosi, Immediately Accused of Insurrection


Among the heated arguments on the floor of the House during the Wednesday Impeachment Hearing, several representatives reminded a very heated and passionate Democratic Caucus that seeking retribution and using impeachment as a punishment, after subjecting the public and President to non-stop protests and investigations for the past four years will only continue to rip the fabric of our nation further.

U.S. Representative Jeff Van Drew, (R-NJ) stated today, “We’ve been here before. We’ve done this before. This has failed before. We’ve fractured our nation using the same process before.”

“Congress must be the glue that starts unifying everyone. By the time this process would conclude, the man you want out of office will no longer even be the president.”

He continued, “This once again splits the country apart. It’s going to disenfranchise and hurt the tens of millions of people who still did vote for him. By moving forward with this, this takes their voice away.”

“We must be bigger and better than the most base of instincts that have been driving our political discourse. It is destroying us. Let’s link arms with one another and begin to heal. Let’s stop this impeachment.”