TuSimple Self-Driving Truck Company to Create 500 New Jobs in Arizona


He added that TuSimple’s expansion demonstrates that his administration has created a “business-friendly” environment.

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild welcomed the new jobs the company is bringing to the city. He noted that “new technologies continue to evolve,” and said it is critical for the city to attract and retain jobs of the future.

In addition, Rothschild added that TuSimple’s decision to establish and expand its business in Tucson shows that the “city is on the right track.”

Meanwhile, Arizona Commerce Authority President and CEO Sandra Watson said the state is “focused on disruptive technology trends” under Ducey’s administration. She boasted that Arizona is the “best place to launch, test and scale new ideas.

In fact, Arizona has become the primary destination for autonomous vehicles. Uber Technologies is now operating its self-driving trucks across the state.

TuSimple is attempting to develop the world’s safest self-driving semi-truck perception system. Its camera-centric system has a vision range of 1,000 meters, farther than those available in the market today. It can perceive 360 degrees around a pixel-level interpretation of the visible environment. Therefore, a vehicle equipped with the system can detect itself within four inches of the road all the time.