Ukraine-Russia Drone War Part II


Ukraine is still winning the Drone War!

During the Russian invasion, Ukraine was clearly the underdog. Russia has an overwhelming number of soldiers and is importing more from Syria and Lebanon. Russia has a huge advantage in numbers and types of weapons and tactical equipment.

All of the experts claimed that Russia would defeat Ukraine in days in the David and Goliath epic war. And Ukraine is waging a very successful drone war. Which may be the key to a hoped-for victory.

In all the comparisons, drones weren’t even considered. But in Ukraine development of an army of drones has been a vital consideration of their military.



AeroRozedka Drone War 

The elite AeroRozvedka is a tactical drone unit which does operations for both air reconnaissance and attack operations. And the Ukraine drone war being waged may be the key to victory.

Some of Aerorozvidka operations are dependent on Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system, activated in Ukraine days after the Russian invasion.

During the 5-week-old war with Russia it has become an even more vital part of the Ukraine fighting forces. The 30 members of the squad sometimes fly up to 300 missions a day in a combined effort. And the Ukraine Drone War is increasingly important.